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Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Worthy Of A Word

I don't understand something,
But I don't even try to ask anyone,
I know it's weird,
But the curiosity isn't really there,
Because to me,
Knowledge is scary,
What I want to know,
Might end up hurting me,
They say truth hurts,
Well I bet it does,
Other people say,
What doesn't kill you makes you stronger,
That too is acceptable,
With one condition,
That is the willingness to bear the pain,
And the struggle to simply recover,
Might take up some considerable time,
Oh you will gain something from it,
But deep down inside,
You'll ask yourself,
A solo spiritual moment,
Is it all worth it?

Monday, 3 September 2012

Lari Dari Diri Sendiri

Kenapa perlu teragak-agak lagi?
Siang kian hilang seri,
Malam pula semakin sunyi,
Kecundang sudah ketabahan diri...

Larilah dikau ke arah angin,
Yang bertiup kencang,
Cukuplah sudah bersikap dingin,
Tiada faedahnya dalam mengejar bayang...

Saturday, 1 September 2012

Around The World!

Just by using 3 words only,

And keep repeating it for hundreds of time in a single song,

But still manages to sound impressive!

Now that's a musical talent!

Do enjoy listening to this video below: