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Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Appearance VS Reality

There is definitely difference between the appearance & the reality of things around us nowadays. This is absolutely troublesome as current society tends to judge things based on the external or the surface of the things instead of the internal insight of it. Be very aware of this unintentional action as the result can somehow be misguided or even misleading. 

(Appearance) - "He is such a good looking man."

(Reality) - "He looks good but he's not a good man."

Do you get it? 
Don't be fooled by the looks of things... Focus on its content. :D

P/s: Don't judge a book by its cover. 

Wednesday, 22 June 2011


I personally love this picture. Basically bearing the signs of Aquarius,I tend to get soothing effect whenever I'm surrounded by a place surrounded by water such as fountains, lakes, rivers and oceans definitely. :D

"With one wave of my hand, waves of calamity shall befall upon your miserable existence!" -MKIII.

Kata Kora (3)

Besar hati harus,kecil hati jangan!

Maksudnya: Janganlah kita mudah terasa dengan percakapan orang di sekeliling kita kerana niat mereka kadang-kadang adalah untuk bergurau semata-mata.

Friday, 17 June 2011

A Serious Smile

Keep your friends close but keep your enemies closer...
That's what I'm doing...
Your awareness in this matter is none of my concerns.
The fact that you've crossed that unseen line of respect,
Thus provoking the inevitable inner flames of anger,
Makes me wanna burn you alive...
Burn baby,burn...
Frankly speaking,
You have no idea who you're dealing with here.
That's too bad.
For you of course.
I'm climbing above the food chain here...
From a prey to a predator.
I'll hunt you down.
Because you can't undo your actions,
And I can't take back the words I never said...

This is it. An invitation to a deadly solution:

Kisah Kasih Kora

Cinta sejati cinta yang murni,
Indah rasa nikmatnya tiada terperi,
Tiada dua peluangnya hanya sekali,
Pengalaman manis di ruang minda tersemat rapi.

Berakhirnya sebuah penantian,
Bertemu juga kita di persimpangan kehidupan,
Inilah takdir demikianlah suratan,
Meniti bahagia bersamamu bukanlah suatu kebetulan.

Sinar harapanku cahayanya bergemerlapan,
Terang menerangi diriku yang diselubungi kegelapan,
Telatah yang tidak disangkal lantas mencuit kesedaran,
Bahawasanya cinta sesama manusia jangan sesekali melebihi cinta kepada Tuhan.

Sekeras batu pendirianmu suatu ketika dahulu,
Tidak disangka aku berupaya memilikimu,
Kesulitan dirasai impaknya terngiang selalu,
Kini kaulah Ratu di hatiku bertatahkan izin dan restu!

Alhamdulillah. (^_^)


They say that all dogs go to Heaven.

But wait a minute...

What about them bitches??

Are they going to Hell??



Tuesday, 14 June 2011


In the presence of an obnoxiously ignorant bitch,
There was a complete silence,
Rage is discreetly building up,
Calm before the storm,
The air was filled with madness,
And believe we when I say...


Sounds angry right?
But do trust me,
I am indeed...


Monday, 13 June 2011

Karma Kora

If you know what you're doing is wrong...

Then surely you'll deserve what's coming to you.


Saturday, 11 June 2011

Hasrat Hati

Enak melihat rupa parasmu hatiku telah tertawan,
Nafsu mendatang tidak tersangka diundang tanpa sebarang jemputan,
Hangat membara udara diselubungi keghairahan dapat dirasakan,
Hasrat murni untuk memilikimu yakni hasrat hati telah diluahkan...


I'm leaving behind a legacy...

It might be you,he or she but no matter what they'll always remember me.

In your prayers,
In your hearts,
In your thoughts,

My memories will live on forever.

Burn Baby Burn

One day,sooner or later... All the good things in life will come to an end. Even life itself comes to an end at certain time. Things that we cherished the most will simply perish and eventually vanish with ease consumed by the fast-paced Sands of Time...

What I cherished the most is my words. Whether I have written it down discreetly or say it out loud to any of you. My words are my life. Do hold on to it forever.

When the time has come for me to be taken away by Destiny,by all means I would like to be remembered by the words I once spoke,stated,or written down in any form that somehow managed to find its way to touch your hearts and emotions...

How Are You Now?

A: Hey there,how's it hanging?

B: By the noose.

A: OMG,that's so damn funny! You're killing me!

B: Drop dead now.

Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Negative Vibe & Positive Feedback

It seems that someway and somehow, I find it useful to be sad occasionally. Unhappy emotions really somewhat enhance my writing skills and the approach of understanding a complicated context in this temporary journey of life. It seems like my mind is playing a rather cruel trick, yes? I do hope so but it is indeed the undeniable truth. Happiness is a form of achievement for me. Being happy is simply my initial ambition. I worked hard to survive the waves of calamity brought upon in the present time just to secure a spot to appreciate the bright sun shining upon my world in the near future. Lord, please help me out... Strictly bound to the principles of life, learned the ways of Aristotle's Tragedy and thus finally I embraced reality. This is what keeps me going, this is what keeps me writing...

Friday, 3 June 2011

-Wretched Plight-

Mortifying bleak sight
Followed by neutral sighs
As hopes slowly withers
Witness public grief takes flight

Surrender beneath the falling sky
Hatred breeds as days goes by
Seeds of sorrow begins to bloom somehow
Impending doom now

Tremble before the birth of Doubt
Signals of displeasure runs amok
Honesty struggles hard to put up a fight
However in the end,Patience begins to crack

It is never worth it to lose sanity
In pursuit of Uncertainty...