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Saturday, 31 December 2011

Seeing Sideways

Look at the picture above and possible you'll see two images which are:

a) A couple of flowers with a butterfly.
b) A woman's face.



If you managed to comprehend those images, you'll be proud of yourself because you've just unlocked an ability...

Which is to appreciate Nature!

Another ability which you've unlocked unconsciously is the ability to see a single thing from a different perspectives. 

This is a handy ability simply because you can use it to see life from a different angle!

So, enjoy the view! =D

(P/s: Two sides of a coin represents a different image yet still maintain the same value. Eh?)

Careless Whisper

A simple soft whisper,
Yes indeed just a whisper...
Makes you wonder,
Or sometimes ponder...
Upon how far,
The consequences are...
Will it start a war?
Or responded with a roar?

A Wild Call

Lost within the wild perimeter
Deep inside the forsaken realm of Mother Nature
The forbidden siren's blaring
Affected, I seek it out witout thinking.

Succumb into temptation
Gravity is indeed the enemy
Pulling me slowly into oblivion
The reality is consuming my serenity...

Thursday, 29 December 2011

Hang On Tight, That's Right

We hang on to each other,
Because Fate has brought us together.
I really want to be with you,
And I hope you feel the same way too.

Monday, 26 December 2011

Kurang Ajar, Kurang Belajar

A: Orang bodoh pergi ke sekolah untuk belajar.
BOrang pandai datang sekolah untuk mengajar.


Kalau dilihat dari sudut pemikiran terdapat juga logiknya kenyataan di atas itu.

Situasi A melambangkan pelajar manakala situasi B pula melambangkan guru/tenaga pengajar,kan?

Sememangnya begitu namun kesal sekali apabila diperhatikan pada masa kini banyak perubahan berlaku. Pelajar/murid bertindak luar dari adab dengan mencabar guru!

Mengapa boleh terjadi sebegini??

Kemajuan teknologi sedikit sebanyak memberi impak dalam pergolakkan situasi ini. Segelintir murid mendakwa bahawa guru mereka agak lapuk, ketinggalan dalam bab permodenan dan masih berdasarkan teknik mengajar yang kuno!

Ewah kau cakap bukan main hebat ya?!

Baru ada internet sikit dah berlagak macam bijak bestari padahal otak sempit, pandangan masih serong & dada tak yah cerita lah memang kosong tapi penuh dengan asap rokok 50 sen sebatang yang kau curi hisap dalam tandas masa rehat tu dik oi!

Ramai orang cakap murid-murid sekarang kurang ajar...

Memang pun tapi harus diingat bahawa itu tiada kena mengena langsung dengan sikap mereka. Sikap itu boleh diubah, tiada masalah! Ini yang ramai orang salah tafsir. Ramai orang salah faham. Ramai orang terlepas pandang punca sebenar masalah di sini... Inilah yang harus diperjelaskan.

Apakah punca masalahnya??


Terbeliak mata? Terjaga dari lamunan? Terkesima?

Ilmu itu bernilai. Kenapa kau nak jadi biadap apabila ada orang yang sanggup mendidik kau untuk jadi orang yang berguna kelak di masa akan datang? Kau tak sedar ke? Ilmu itu boleh juga menyelamatkan nyawa. Hidup ni kena pandai pakai otak untuk terus bergerak & kalau tak memang sah-sah lah kau akan kena pijak!

Jadi cuba fikir balik & ingat sepanjang hidup kau dari dulu hingga sekarang, Mesti bermanfaat kan ilmu yang cikgu kau ajar dulu. Mesti ada! Bohong kalau tak ada langsung. Kau bohong, kau binasa!

Kesimpulannya ialah hormatilah guru kita kerana ilmu yang dicurahkan oleh mereka sangat berharga dan jasa mereka mematangkan kita bagi menghadapi cabaran yang menanti di persimpangan hidup pada masa akan datang tidaklah terbalas walau macam mana sekalipun. Janganlah kita mencaci atau memperlekehkan guru kita. Kadang-kadang mungkin diorang ada gak buat salah tapi biasalah tu. Lumrah manusia Hey, manusia memang tak sempurna. Itu fakta jadi telan jelah, bodoh.

Hormatilah guru anda & semoga ilmu yang anda terima diberkati & bermanfaat hingga ke hujung hayat!

Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Feeling Drizzy


You Talk Back, I Talk Black!


Got some cleaning to do since dem bitches be yappin' and talkin' shit behind ma back. Again and again! Well am I not one lucky sunnuva gun fo' having these no good peeps paint my face black to make me ridiculously stupid, no? Funny for me coz I innocently tot dat we all over dat shit long long time ago. I tot we are cool, why you be talking bad bout me,bitch?

Newsflash for all you sucka out there! I have ears on dem walls and those shit you be spittin' on em gonna leave a stain and be Goddamn sure Imma noe bout it sooner or later, yo fo sho! After that, not a minute less shall be wasted to find your punk ass for some cold hard spanking!

I ain't playing around coz from where I came from, we ride to the death, homie! If shit just got real, we be down with it. Ready, steady coz we gonna ride with all the way down it! Ain't no foolin' around or take a walk in the park. Imma come straight at you and Imma knock your block off yeah? Sounds good, aite? Sure it does.

Wale said "If you got beef we can take it outside," but since we got the heat now Imma do what Banks told me to do "Imma bring the beef to your front door like Domino's!"

Damn, still tryna figure out how a little bitch like you have such a big nasty mouth?? Why da hell would you bite da hand dat feeds you? Why da hell would you turn your back against da person who've been supporting you all along & why da hell did you not think twice bout crossing me??

Dumb bitch, livin' by my code surely Imma have to crucify you when you cross me! Ain't got nothing to lose if you're already useless. Betray my trust and surely someone will stab you with a knife and let it to rust! Pray be quick for I hate to wait but I wait not to hate.

Imma come for you. Best believe dat. You can run, RLH (Run Like Hell) if you want to but you can never ever hide. Got eyes upon the hill that silently watches you. I don't forgive and I don't forget what you say or did coz I take it to the heart, never gonna let you slip, hoping you got hit and RIP that's it.

"Run bitch, run!" Nope, diz aint no scary movie we'll be seeing at the end of diz dreadful semester. You'll see a new definition of horror and a new face of anger! H.I.M. once sings "Fear have a name..." You bet your ass it's gonna be my name, bitch with a capital A for attitude! Arghhhhh! You're gonna face the music soon but it's highly unlikely you'll enjoy the tune!

Big Bang

Back with a bang!




That's no fun at all.

Lotsa work to do,

And whole lotta drama to be seen...


Just came back from Down Under,

Now I'm feeling down too.

-$#!T #@PPEN$-

Sunday, 11 December 2011

Aussie Sikit...

I'n going down under!

To the land of K's...

Koalas & Kangaroos.


Throw a boomerang,

Towards the winds of change,

For when it comes back,

It'll still feel the same,

No matter how far you once let it go...

Australia,baby! Here I come!

Tuesday, 6 December 2011

A Reminder For You To Remember

You're the one who makes me happy.
I'll always remember you.
You're my everything.
Don't forget that. <33


In the process of learning language, there are indeed rules that must be comprehend and mastered to a certain level before it could be applied as a tool of communications.

However, as the saying goes: "Rules are meant to be broken..."


This is simply because the rules that we learn are incomplete. It can be used and is absolutely valid but only to a certain extent.

In my opinion, people broke the rules of language because they want to somehow convey a different meaning within a conversation to make it somewhat relevant parallel to their understandings regarding a certain context or a respective subject matter.

It's kinda tricky but once you get the picture, everything will be crystal clear.

Kudos to Subra.