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Thursday, 31 January 2013


I'm really interested in video games.

Other than that,

Nothing else could spark any excitement within myself.

It's plain simple,

And straightforward.

Friday, 18 January 2013

Grade A Garden

Secret Garden,
The place to be,
The place for me,
The place within me.

The forbidden scent,
Which reeks out sensuality,
Lest not be forsaken,
Lets sought for it thoroughly...

Follow me,
Guide me,
Lead me,
Get it together now.


Rise up high and mighty,
The pillars of Expectation,
That stood tall,
Overlooking your capability.

The climb begins,
A steady journey uphill,
To the pinnacle of Hope,
Be careful not to tremble and fall.


Reach out for my hand,
But all you managed to grab,
Was my attention,
That surely wasn't never enough for you...

Here comes Desperation,
Who motivates your desire,
The one that pushes you forward,
Ended up pushing me away as well...

Saturday, 5 January 2013

Fang Banger

From now on,
It is every man for himself,
There will be no mercy,
Get ready for a rude awakening,
Brace yourself for savage brutality,
As I will carve my personal path,
And devour anything that stands in my way,
With these lusty fangs,
Those greedy paws,
And that insatiable hunger,
To feast upon,
The bounty of this miserable world!


Money is the source of happiness
Money is the root of all evil
Money makes the world go round
Money is not everything
Money is never enough
Money can solve anything
Money is the most important material
Money can corrupt you


Here comes the time,
During which you will be tested,
Nothing more than a shell,
A vain emotional toy,
Of which once the source,
Of someone's Pride and Joy,
Never more,
Such delicate tales of happiness,
Whispers from the lips of an angel,
Into the careful ears,
Of the loyal listeners...



The truth hurts
I'm never good enough
They don't give a fuck about you
I'm not important
Nobody will be there for you
Just stop caring