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Saturday, 30 April 2011

What & Who Are You Now?

The song Malevolence by A Plea For Purging speaks for itself...

Who do you think you are?
And what have you become?
I have barely recognized your face for so long.
What do you think they see?
And what have you portrayed?
I can barely recognize your face.

It started with just a taste.
It was just a game.
But you bought your lies
With the soul you once had.
You've created a monster.
A modern day Jekyll and Hyde.
You're not the same as you once were.
Still not sure you're even inside.
Do you even know your own name now?

Satisfy or be satisfied.
Eat it up now
'Cause you've dug yourself in too deep.
Does it taste good? Do they taste good?
Was it worth it? Are they worth it now?

You've created a monster.
We've created a monster.

Look at what you've become.
A monster.

Picture Perfect! :D

The reason why humans are imperfect is because they can't possibly lead their life alone...

They need each other just like I need you and you need me!

When we are together:

  • We will discover our strengths.
  • Put aside our differences.
  • Embrace our flaws.
  • Learn to work together.
  • Share laughter & tears.
Without me, you'll never be able to view the complete big picture of life because I'm the missing piece of puzzle in your life. :p

Prepare To...?


Some of you might be quite familiar with the statement above, right? For those who didn't, this is a statement carved on a gun in this year action-packed movie entitled 'The Mechanic' starring Jason Statham. The meaning of that respective statement is victory loves preparation.

What exactly is the connection between victory and preparation??

There is a proverb saying, "If you fail to plan, then you are planning to fail!"

Okay,so plan and preparation is quite similar and they share a great deal of importance. Every single action that we are going to make in life, everyday, must require a plan. Usually a mental plan. This is to say that basically, we think and develop a structure of thoughts in reaching or completing our aim of the day! Tricky, isn't it? This is due to the presence of many interference in various forms that'll eventually disturb our flow of actions that we're about to make daily.

Dear people, do treat life like a chess game. Please, I beg to all of you to think carefully and throughly before making a decision as it is like a make or break situation. In a chess game, we make a move in order to clear a path, protecting our important piece (our beloved ones), defeating our enemies and so much more. Life works this way too! There are many possible moves that is available at your disposal but you need a reliable strategy  to conduct yourself in the game. 

However, you must also be cautious and prepare for the unexpected even after you have designed a careful plan. This is due to divine intervention and things that we have no powers to predict or prevent its occurrence. In Islam, one of the pillars of faith is to believe in Qada' & Qadar which is the reason that mere mortals like us can only plan our action but the result of it, for better or worse is ultimately in God's hand. No further questions should be posed as this is how life works. In fact, humans have limitations, right?

Therefore, to achieve our aim, goals and ambition, each and every one of us must put in lots of effort in creating a brilliant plan in order to finally become successful in life! There may be calamity, catastrophe and even interventions that are waiting to befall on us but put on an optimistic glasses and view it as a challenge instead! Always remember that what doesn't kills you actually makes you stronger! Listen to Kanye West's song entitled 'Stronger'. :D

God places the heaviest burden on those who actually can shoulder it. So, don't you ever doubt yourself and pull yourself together! God tests us so that we will know our own worth and values. Instead of yelling "Shit happens!" every time you are miserable, better to put a smile and move on by creating a better plan to become successful in life. Those who still manage to put a smile on their face during the times which they are tested is the strongest! Yeah!

Friday, 29 April 2011

An Emotional Gamble...

Familiar with the deck
But you couldn't predict the cards
Truth hanging from my neck
It’s hard for you to swallow

In joy you rolled the dice
Putting faith as maximum wager
Dumbstruck by luck
You gambled our future

It’s easy to call bluff
When you're the one who's lying
Hence I put on my poker face
Real emotions were never traced again

Spinning my thoughts around
Only to be left forsaken
Place your emotional bets
For what you're playing is the roulette of regrets!

Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Awesome? Hell Yeah!

Hey everyone,I'm awesome! :)

Simply just ass-kicking awesome! xD

What's that? You want to be awesome too?? 0.0

Fine. I'll tell you the secret to become awesome... -.-"


Kata Kora (2)

Apabila suami makan luar,
Isteri makan dalam...

Pengajarannya: Janganlah curang kepada pasangan anda kerana hubungan dibina atas dasar percaya. Si dia pasti menderita dalam diam jika kepercayaannya dikhianati. :) 

Kata Kora (1)

Hati yang keras boleh cair, 
Kepala yang keras boleh pecah...

Pengajarannya: Janganlah berdegil tidak kena pada tempat kerana kesabaran manusia ada hadnya. :)

Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Veggie Green!

Thinking of the vampire movie Twilight?? LOL. xD

Towards A Healthy Lifestyle.

Colour Me Bad?

I'm a GRAY guy!

(A good guy who behaves like a bad guy). :p

C'est la vie!

That's life... 
The meaning of the title above.
So what's life all about?
What are you suppose to do about it?
What are you created for?
What is the exact definition of life?
This is your life,really?
After this life,what then? 

Okay,FYI that's a handful of FAQs about the topic of my interest today. Yes,without a doubt most of us will ponder carefully before answering each of the questions above. This is due to our rationality. My friends,we human beings should be thankful because we are blessed with a mind that is able to comprehend and adapt to any of the context that we are being forced into. Equipped with a mind,we can be able to solve the problems of our lives. But wait a minute... How can we solve the problem IF we don't know what exactly LIFE means??
Therefore,we travel around the globe seeking knowledge to understand life itself. We also embrace our faiths to know our Creator and our purpose of living. So now,do you get it??

The action of seeking the meaning of life is actually LIFE itself! Hahaha the whole time we are being tricked by the question while we are actually doing the answer! My dear friend,C'est la vie! ^_^


It is more than just relation by blood... 
Family  is does not concern only about who you related to or where you belongs.
Family is all about who you love & who actually loves you back!
Family is the people who knows who you are and still actually be there to support you anytime & anywhere.

So,I would like to give a shout out to those people in my life that I have already assume as my family members. Please know that every single one of you is unique and beautiful in your own individual ways. No matter what the society say about you,always remember that there will be someone (like me!) who still appreciate you for better or worse. So my dear family members,stay true all the time and never lie to yourself. There's a reason why God made us different from each other. Do you know why??

It is for us to learn to appreciate each other! :D

Monday, 25 April 2011

Lust? Love?

Lust is a sin but Love is a blessing...

Lust is full of excitement while Love hurts most of the time...

Lust is fast paced but Love takes time...

Lust is always consistent but Love sometimes doesn't feel the way that it should be...

Oh God,emotional struggle is like an eternal war for every human beings. :(

Picture by a poem? Is it possible?

Hell yeah it is possible! First of all,we must understand that Poetry is a type of literature which is written. Basically,it only feeds the mind of the readers with words and not images. The mental process after reading a poem is a mental process which is normally done by imagining things. This is of course due to the nature of Poetry which is vastly abstract! Two different person that reads the same poem will eventually comes out with different points of view. Why?? Because the understanding of an abstract matter is uniquely up to the individual itself! Depending on the level of knowledge,he/she might comprehend the poem and imagine a suitable context to visualize the words and its subliminal messages. 

Okay,for example... The word 'Rose' has a variety of meaning in the realm of Literature.
Basically,a rose is a type of a flower... But that's not all to it. Rose is associated with romance. In Literature,rose is a symbol of love. 

"Give a lady a rose is like giving your love to her."

Moving on,recently I purposely created a poem which essentially puts certain vocabulary that triggers the mind to think of some places that exists within the gap between the real world and the faculties of mind as per say. Here is goes... It is entitled -A Date With Destiny-

Take my hand
Let’s go out on a date
Enjoy a joyous glimpse of vision that you shall apprehend
Witness the World of Happiness that we could create

Proceed to the Palace of Pleasure
We enter without caution
Even though envied by the Sands of Time
We managed to stop at every attraction

Instead, Fate took a malicious turn
We found ourselves trapped inside the Theater of Pain
Unfortunate events are displayed soon
After the play ends we left with a frown

Under the Dome of Despair
There we kneel, begging for mercy
Praying for our souls to be spared
Thus reclaiming our sanity

Dive into the Sea of Serenity
Overflowing with indescribable emotions
We swim away from those sufferings
Finally floating into the current reality

Head back to the Forgotten Path
We traced our previous mistakes
To solve the past that will alter the future
Undo that and maybe we'll stay together.

After reading this,Ntuli Aswile whose a friend of mind promised to create a picture based on my poem. I'm truly excited as this have never happened before! A picture is worth a thousand words,right? Haha so Ntuli is equipped with a Graphic Tablet which is the perfect tool to carry out this noble duty. God bless Ntuli as his work left me speechless for a short moment... It was breathtaking beautiful! Thank you so much and I'm looking forward to your next visualization of my words! :D

This is Ntuli's visualization of The Forgotten Path.

A Beautiful Mess

Okay peeps,what the hell is a beautiful mess?? The answer is LIFE! This is because no matter how screwed up you are and whether your life is turned upside down,surely there are things which is precious that catches your eyes the moment you rest your sights upon it. Mind you that each and every human beings is entitled to his/her unique point of view regarding certain aspects of life. For example,a good friend of mine who is famously known as the cheerful Cha'a Lolz recently started to pursue her interest in sketching. But she is quite picky as the scenery that attracts her interest to sketch is the people inside a busy cafe only (at the moment lah). :p

And lucky for me I happened to have an old picture of myself that suits her interest so I send it to her just to see what the outcome will be. Soon after she replied and handed me the final product... It's awesome! She sure can sketch in a jiffy but the quality is quite good. I think the impression that most people would have upon glancing this picture is to think that the image is messy and vague. However in my opinion,Cha'a did a wonderful job! Please note that this is a sketch,not a portrait painting! By the way,I would express my humble gratitude to Cha'a for spending her time and interest to sketch a picture of me. Really appreciate it,mate! :) 

Chaotic Kaleidoscopes

This is a one of a kind collaboration poem that I did with the help of my dear little sister Annur Ezzati whom I'm so proud of! :D Thanks for the efforts and forever shall this piece of literature be cherished.

Fit into the society like a chameleon,
we tend to adapt unexpectedly,
sounds simple yet convenient,
foolish mortals do think so.

And if you think this is a one way road,
have your mind fixed again,
you shed off layers of skin,
more than any snakes on earth
to gain approvals,
that's the most you're getting.

Taking 'dress according to occasion'
to another level,
personality changes and there goes your principles,
call up a psychiatrist,
you need to be revived 
before the tricks start to fool yourself.

You dogs be sticking out your tongues,
adoring those fake ass bitches ,
never judge books by its covers,
unless you want to skip several chapters,
for these people play tricks and illusions,
but they're wretched witches, not cunning magicians.

Reach upon the pinnacles of success
only to find loneliness ,
used to keep your nose up in the air,
now you even got to keep your time for yourself,
because nobody can stand your presence,
nor be within your perimeters.

Joy, never was in your vocabulary,
sucking every last drops there is,
keeping perfection in mind,
nothing will be enough to feed your greed,
when failure comes knocking on your door,
blindfolded, you sacrifice souls to keep breathing.

You throw on your religion robe,
only to cover away
countless sinful actions,
never jump over thorny fences, never again
robe's off, you're more naked ,
than a prostitute on her busy night.

Sins are like stains on the window of your soul,
trust me coz eyes never lies,
gaze securely upon your imperfections,
fear of getting your infections.

When you drink a sip of destruction,
you come in between man and its destiny,
never will succeed in a duel,
with few signatures and money giving,
booking hell for yourself,
yeah that's what you're doing.

The sands of time is passing swiftly,
the gates of redemption is half closed,
wake up from these pleasant dreams,
discard the blanket of lies covering you!

A Fresh Start

Greetings to all of you people! For every single thing that happens in life,there is indeed without a doubt,a beginning or in a more formal way shall I refer to it as an introduction. Here we go! First of all peeps,in this limited digital space of privacy,I shall exercise my freedom of speech and opinions to a certain extent only. Should I get overboard or cross certain unseen lines that'll alarm your sensitivity rate,do remind me of my mistakes. After all,to err is human... So I'm looking forward to share with everyone about the world! From my personal point of view of course. Cheers! :D