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Friday, 30 September 2011

A Rose In The Rain

Calm before the storm,
She sits unexpectedly,
Running errands and performing chores,
Typical daily routine,
No more than the usual,
What a day...
Suddenly it rains heavily,
The sky was dark,
Not a single light of hope could pass through,
She's uncomfortable now,
Without an umbrella,
Nor her trusted characters available,
She feels alone,
Alone in the rain...
Ouh that hurts,
She became fragile,
Seconds away from breaking down,
Into precious tears,
The Sun had forsaken her,
How cruel can it be?
Discreet cheers are heard briefly,
Enough to make her rise again!
This time,
She's standing tall,
And refused to be kicked down anymore!
A warrior in the making,
The discovery of her strength at the most crucial hour,
Turning her from such a simple clay,
To a hard precious diamond,
For what it's worth,
The important thing is,
She found herself... (^.^)

Thursday, 29 September 2011

One Sweet Treat

Fancy a cuppa?? \(^0^)/

Nope,I'm not talking about a cup of coffee... I'm talking about CUPCAKES! Yes,that sweet little savory delightful piece of pleasure which is enough to make us fantasizing about tasting Heaven itself!

Erm okay, maybe I'm overreacting about the after effects of tasting a humble selection of dessert but note that good things do come in small packages, right? Hehe, maybe... Hopefully... Yes, I think so too! LOL.

So, let's focus on a piece of cupcake. Yup, you heard me... Only ONE! Don't be greedy! Rawr. Each and every single cupcake is unique but mine is special... Ahaaa.

My cupcake is light and fluffy,
Generously layered with kindness,
It has a simple yet elegant design,
Chocolate base of awesome goodness,
A smooth vanilla cream to represent the purity of its taste,
With a slight hint of lemon zest for a tangy twist,
Wrapped gracefully in a humble package,
Easy on the eyes yet tantalizingly tasty,
Dressed with a cheerful rainbow sprinkles,
Topped with a seductive swirl of melting hot fudge,
And a blushing red cherries on top!

Fuhhh! If you're drooling right now, than that'll be awesome! Haha.
Are you jealous of my cupcake? Well yeah, you should be simply because you're not getting some! =P

However, my cupcake is definitely not for sale neither it is available within any stores, restaurants, cafes & etc. It somehow exists in my reality, a sweet treat to my memory. Never shall it be forsaken because the taste of appreciation will forever lingers within my faculties of mind. A decent dream of dessert. May it last forever, Insya-Allah.

Oh in case you're wondering how it will actually look like, here's a picture treat:


Silap Mata

Sekali aku libas tangan kiri aku mampu menghilangkan sang purnama,

Sekali aku hulurkan tangan kanan maka terbitlah mentari,

Tetapi apabila aku genggam kedua-dua tapak tanganku,

Gelaplah keadaan sekeliling,

Nescaya di dalam kegelapan itu bercahaya pula diriku nanti,

Kerana akulah sang gerhana,

Fenomena unggul dalam diari hidupmu. =D

Wednesday, 28 September 2011


Head held high up,

Pondering upon towards the vast blue sky,

Hoping for a wish upon a shooting star,

Signifying nothing.

Sunday, 25 September 2011

Life Is A Gamble?

A pair of dice can buy you a spot in Paradise...

Maybe,because it depends on your luck,

But there's no such thing as success without effort.

So stop gambling your future away!

Be Grateful

We ask for what we want,

We receive something that we need.

God works in a mysterious way...


Saturday, 24 September 2011


Langit tidak selalunya cerah,
Begitulah juga dengan kisah hidupku,
Ke atas langit langit yang terbentang luas tangan kecilku ini ditadah,
Supaya beroleh berkat & rahmat dari-Mu.

Semoga amalanku diterima & doaku diperkenankan insya-Allah. :)

Thursday, 22 September 2011

Do Good, Be Good. :D

If we have the opportunity to do good,
No matter to anyone,
Whenever or wherever,
We simply should!

Because by doing so,
It develops maturity,
And it will make our personalities shine,
So people, do good to be good!

You Being You

The problem starts when you're not being YOU...

Yes,this is me telling you to be YOU!

Why bother being someone else when you yourself is a better person?

Who do you intend to please by doing that?

Do remember that we are not put down on this earth to please everyone.

Screw those other people for thinking differently simply because they don't really know you!

Only you, knows YOU!

Just be yourself...

Never let other people change you.

Have faith in yourself.

Trust me & let yourself be YOU!

p/s: I love YOU.

Wednesday, 21 September 2011


A mere mortal...
Pure but complicated,
That's what you are.
Not a God,
Nor an animal,
You're the same as me,
You can't have everything...
Don't go around stealing dreams,
Or creating conflicts,
Don't you start a war which you cannot win,
For want of everything,
Will eventually left you with nothing.
Then again you can't have everything...
You just can't!
Never doubt,
Never questions,
Because no answer shall be given,
No sins shall be forsaken,
Stay away,
Far far away,
From the boundaries of my tolerance...

The Distance

There's always a distance between you and me,
we and they,
but no matter how far apart we may be,
our hearts remain as one.

Unfortunately my dear,
Wisdom is never enough to overcome fear...

Simply because that's not the truth,
But that's what we choose to believe,
We're unconsciously feeding ourselves with lies,
A reality which is too good to be true.

Sunday, 18 September 2011

Broken Mirror

Staring at a mirror and you'll see your own reflection. That's not just normal. That's perfect! Why? Because you see the total image of yourself. A perfect reflection. Everything is there. Nothing is missing. You can see yourself clearly! You can see that you're one of God's best creation! Here comes the pride filling you up! You'll feel good. You even tell yourself that you're the best! So optimistic! That's the best thing of course. However...

What will you see if you look at a broken mirror? Not the one which is already shattered into pathetic pieces on that cold floor. I'm talking about a broken mirror which is still hanging firmly on the wall. Have you tried doing this? What will you see if you stare into a broken mirror? Have you thought about it? Do you know the answer? Hold your tongue... Don't worry,I'll tell you...

What you'll see is your doubt which is overshadowing your life! It actually taints your self-esteem & your confidence. You'll also see the many faces of you, most of it you've unintentionally put on to face the people around you daily. Yes, you might not notice this but trust me, other people do... That is your true nature... Are you scared now? Are you scared of yourself? It's getting creepy but interesting at the same time...

Are you brave enough to see your true nature in front of a broken mirror?

Go ahead and try...

I dare you.

Random Awesomeness

Once upon a time...

No, wait up...

Screw that! Forget about it!

Look at my emotionless face, do I even care?

When you look at me, you must be wondering do I think about you in your mind?

When you walk in front of me but I didn't say anything, does that silence means something?


The reality is that no matter who you are,

If you've managed to obtain my attention,

I'll never let you out of my sight,

And whenever you're in trouble,

Maybe I'll lend a hand, somewhere & somehow...

Who knows when...

Because sometimes,


Yeah you heard me!

Sometimes... =)

Wednesday, 7 September 2011

A World Of Words

My words are my everything.

You even said my words are your world.

Simply because you mean the world to me.

But baby,

Where were you when I said that I needed you?