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Wednesday, 2 May 2012

T 4 2, T 4 Trouble

Sometimes in life, we come across people who annoys you.
Not just by the choice of words, the tone of voice and the way they act also seems irritating.
Obnoxiously enough in terms of behaviour, this morbid kinds of people coexists in your environment!
That makes life a living Hell as no other way to escape them as wherever you go, they'll be there too.
To add insult to injury, these people are indeed familiar!
Unfortunately enough, this semester I'm not dealing with one, but two!
Yes, I know them.
I do recognise them.
I absolutely hate them.
The sad part is, they didn't know that they were being annoying and it pains me to say that their humongous ego tends to cover their sight in actually dicovering the element of nuisance which were imbedded within their sorry excuse of existence.
I can't stand them.
I'm uncapable of dealing with them patiently.
I genuinely hate them.


I truly hate working with people I personally despise.
It will somehow emit a sense of uncomfortability which does not go well with my personality.
Thus when hatred comes to play, work is no longer enjoyable.
Motivation was cast aside into abyss.
They say everything happens for a Goddamn reason.
That's the same case as hatred.
Hatred too, must be based on a particular reason.
Reason upon which negative personal experience and moral practices clash against each other before this.
Not that it's worth mentioning and I couldn't see a point to even remember it but sins of the past lets out a stench which memories of a mere mortal could never seem to erase.
Now I remember and now I shall hate once more.
Honesty is the best policy and since naturally I'm a honest man it's damn well difficult to hide my hatred.
Hate is a strong word.
I agree with that.
It's true.
But It's also suitable to be used in serious situation.