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Thursday, 27 October 2011

Ilmu = Harta

Ilmu itu ibarat harta. Namun bukan sebarang harta kerana nilainya lebih tinggi daripada emas, berlian dan sebagainya.

Ilmu adalah harta yang apabila dikongsi, semakin bertambah bukan sebaliknya.

Jangan sesekali memandang rendah terhadap ilmu yang tersemat rapi di dada seorang manusia.

Ilmu yang bermanfaat juga merupakan salah satu harta yang tidak akan hilang dan dapat dibawa bersama ke alam seterusnya Insya'-Allah.

Orang yang kaya ialah orang yang penuh ilmu di dadanya, bukan orang yang tebal poketnya. (^.^)

Tuesday, 25 October 2011


Flower of flesh from the forbidden forest...


For each time we inhale the forsaken scent,

We grew attracted.

Cuba-cuba ushar tengok-tengok sekeliling...

Berapa kali telah kau curi pandang terhadapku?
Baik kau mengaku,
Kerana sesungguhnya aku sedia tahu,
Bahawa kau sememangnya merinduiku...

Is that really Remy?

"Bitches love me,Bob!"

He said as he turns away. Slowly fading from the crowded society,into a void of darkness,never to be seen again.

At least,that's how they see him. A majority point of view which neglects the minority's track of thoughts.

"You lucky bastard!" said Big Bad Bob...

However,it signifies nothing.


Your argument is invalid.

Thanks for thinking.

Sunday, 23 October 2011


Without a soul,it manages to stay loyal.

A remarkably tremendous act performed by a non-living thing,

Elegantly astounding.

Escaping from the dark moments,

During desperate times,

Through all the inflicted pain and falling rain,

Yet together we still remain...

P/s: I love you Isabelle!

Saturday, 22 October 2011

So You Know

With a devil-may-care attitude,
I'll be walking with angels,
Never take candy from strangers,
It's Hell on earth, you're a long way from Paradise...

Friday, 21 October 2011

Sigh On Sight

They say the world is still the same but not much is left in it,


I would say that the people are still the same too but they bear less significant nowadays...


Thursday, 20 October 2011


Euthanasia is an on-going contemporary issue which I think,should be discontinued. Literally,euthanasia derives from Greek word which means 'good death'. It refers to the practice of intentionally ending a person's life to relieve pain and suffering. Usually,it is performed in hospitals. Euthanasia can be seen as an escape for continuous suffering of an unrecoverable illness. It is also cheaper to opt for euthanasia rather than continue the treatment because according to science and technology,most likely the patient have no hope to survive. It's better to end the patient's life rather than to make him wait for Death to pay a visit...


Who are we to decide what's better for someone else in the matter regarding life and death?? That matter is exclusive only to God! Why are we meddling in God's business?? Do you think with the knowledge and power that you have,you can do whatever you want?? There are reasons why human beings have limitations. Don't you dare cross the lines which are unseen but somehow can be felt naturally. Know your boundaries and stay out of God's business! Stop playing God,you're just pathetic humans!

Euthanasia is actually wrong in both ways. If the patient agrees to opt for it,he/she is actually committing suicide and if the doctor decide to perform euthanasia with/without the patient's agreement he/she is committing murder. Euthanasia is branded as 'mercy killing'. Oh sure you can kill people with kindness now,eh?

Euthanasia must be stopped. Enough of it. Don't you people have faith in God? Take note that God only test people according to their limits,not less and certainly not more than that. We are tested to prove whether our faith would or would not remain intact through challenging times. You're a survivor if you yourself want to survive! Don't ever give up simply because giving up is worse than dying! Stop all this madness. It seriously affects the society as morality is concerned. Enough of this so called ethics of termination. It is actually like flipping a coin of death where the head represents suicide and the tail represents murder. Stop it. Put away that undesirable coin. Bank in your faith and trust in God as He knows what is best for all of us.


Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Hello Hey Halo

Holier than thou,
Pay no mind for it's just a jest,
Prepare for the worse but still praying for the best anyhow,
Banking on faith, in prosperous future we invest!

Monday, 17 October 2011

Southern Blaze

Set ablaze,
Those hidden flames of passion,
Which somehow overshadowed by thick mysterious layers of unfathomable haze,
Time will tell, as emotions will be revealed, soon...

Sunday, 16 October 2011


That's her name...
Which derived from the word 'Victory'.
Life is a game,
And she always win.

Eyes full of determination,
Hands strong enough to grasp the fact,
Ready, steady, she's all about the action,
Aim for the sky and should she fall she's definitely going to make an impact!

Saturday, 15 October 2011

Light Rays

Humans are by far the most complicated creatures of all time.

While covered in a thick fog of mystery,

Their souls let out a shining ray of many possibilities,

Together with a certain sense of responsibility,

To help them to get through whatever it might be,


Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Rocky Road

Taking my time,
To patiently savor those precious limited moments,
Together when we ride,
On the exciting flow of emotions.

Sunday, 9 October 2011

Isi Atau Bekas?

Cuba bayangkan apabila anda sedang kehausan dan cuaca pula panas terik tatkala mentari galak membakar dirinya. Sungguh menyeksakan, betul? Jadi apa yang sangat diperlukan kini adalah air! Ya, sumber air bagi menghilangkan dahaga dan menyejukkan badan. Tetapi apabila air itu ditemui, anda terasa ragu-ragu pula untuk meminumnya... Mengapa?

Kerana ia adalah air di dalam bekas yang berdebu!

Meskipun bekas tersebut kelihatan kotor dan berdebu, air di dalamnya masih kelihatan jernih serta selamat untuk di minum. Mengapa perlu ragu-ragu? Lumrah manusia memang memerhatikan luaran sesuatu benda yang menghalang tujuan utama (menghilangkan dahaga) dilaksanakan. Hanya kerana disebabkan mata anda telah terlihat kekotoran yang zahir terpancar pada bekas itu, air yang suci di dalamnya tidak anda hiraukan. Hal ini sangatlah menyedihkan kerana akal pemikiran kita dikuasai & dikaburi oleh penglihatan kita. Sikap sebegini amat merugikan kita.

Bagaimana pula jika kita tukarkan air itu kepada ilmu dan bekas itu kepada guru? Adakah sikap kita terhadap situasi kini berubal atau kekal seadanya?

Sebagai seorang pelajar, kita tidak lari dari isu atau masalah berhadapan dengan guru yang mengajar kita tidak kira apa subjek matapelajaran sekalipun. Hakikatnya, kadangkala rasa benci itu membuak terhadap sesetengah guru yang hidupnya umpama sebatang lilin yang membakar dirinya untuk menerangi hidup kita. Mengapa begini? Ini adalah kerana mungkin sikap atau tabiat guru itu berbeza daripada apa yang biasanya kita terima dalam masyarakat. Mungkin guru itu pelik tetapi ilmu yang terkandung di dalam dadanya itu cukup bernilai untuk dikongsi bersama kita. Bukankah menuntut ilmu itu tugas utama kita sebagai seorang pelajar? Jikalau jawapannya ya, maka tidak perlulah kita melayan guru kita dengan teruk atau acuh tak acuh kerana kelak kitalah yang akan tergolong dalam golongan manusia yang kerugian.

Sekian, terima kasih.


To LOOK DOWN at someone means:
To disrespect or disregard someone based on their inability to do something. Basically,this is a negative point of view that'll definitely cause mental damage to someone. People who looks down at someone else usually are insecure and this is the way they ignorantly choose to make themselves feel better. That's so selfish! Never ever underestimate someone's ability as God created all human with unique talent that is known only to few. Stay close to the wise and don't judge a book by its cover!

To LOOK UP at someone means:
To have a sense of admiration towards the potential expresses by someone that really affects our presence. Certain action or words by that someone may change our points of view and maybe encourage us to ponder upon our way of life so that we can change it for the greater good! This is a healthy point of view but make sure you carefully select the role model or your source of admiration so that you'll follow into the right path.

To LOOK DEEP in someone means:
To figure out and to understand the flow of thoughts,motives and movement of a certain someone. This is due to the curiosity that is innate parallel to our existence as human beings. When we understand someone,it makes us easier to comprehend the reason behind his act or speech. This is very helpful as people often misinterpret someone's actions or words simply because they barely knew him! This point of view requires a healthy dose of patience and the time allocated for its effectiveness depends on that someone to open up his self to the world or to be slowly figured out by the people around him. Indeed,human beings are a complicated and complex creation...

The Forgotten Path

Every once in a while,I will stumble upon a situation in which I will be forced to make a life-changing decision. Hurm,you bet that'll surely be a touch call to make. These kinds of situation will ultimately decide the path of progress which I will walk on eventually. Sometimes there's a path that goes straight into the light (the right path) but there's also the path that goes straight into darkness as tough I'm blind and couldn't sense anything (the wrong path).

After the choices are made,I move on with my life until the moment when I'm haunted by lingering doubts which secretly penetrates my thoughts and emotions... These doubts usually kept my foot from stepping forward on this  short journey of life. So I begin to wonder why...

A moment of silence... I'm lost in translation. No lexical can define my current context. Somewhere in between the lines of logic,shattered thoughts of Rubik-like complications suddenly solved by itself! Kinda weird... How and what is the solution to my internal dilemma of making decisions? The answer is to retrace back my steps to The Forgotten Path!

Ah,how ignorant can a human be? The Forgotten Path is a point in life where most of us took the things we have or blessed with for granted. However,this path is not easy to be found. It's quite tricky actually. in order to seek for this path,you must first seek or recognize the flaw within yourself and admit it. Some people actually notices their own weaknesses but unfortunately the shadows of their egos often prevents them from admitting so. Why do you have to admit your weakness? This is because after you admit it,you'll accept who you really are and stop pretending who you wanted to be.

As you enter The Forgotten Path,you'll be sure enough to realize your mistakes and start thinking on how to fix the situation. This is the only opportunity to make things right and then proceed without worries. In a point of progress,there's always and will be a place to ponder upon the things that have happened (the past) and the thing that will happen later on (the future) as both are equally important. What you did before is the product of what you're becoming now and soon... The luxury of designing our path within this temporary journey always placed within our fragile hands that bears many metaphysical possibilities...

Friday, 7 October 2011

Thank God

You can live in your own world but you can't deny the actual reality,

Wanna change your view? Turn your life around 360 degree!

We ask for what we truly want but,

We always receive what we really need...

God works in a mysterious way,

Thank Him for everything you have today.

Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Sweet Dreams

They say that the people who we met in our dreams are the people who we have known before in our life...

There's no way we could dream about someone who we have never know.

This is due to the mind couldn't possibly produce new images without the help of memory.

Fantasy is fascinating but focus on the facts,

If I dream about you today,

Then I would most likely want to meet you as soon as I woke up!

I miss you...

Wordless Wednesday #1

Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Media Masa Kita Kini

TV terpasang sepanjang hari,
Surat khabar bersepah di tengah lantai rumah...
Sememangnya semua itu tidak lagi aku hiraukan.
Oh mengapa pula?
Kerana semua itu telah berlalu.
Tiada guna menoleh untuk melihat benda yang sudah terjadi.
Tidak terubah lagi semua itu,kan?
Tolong jangan bingung.
Berhenti sejenak untuk berdiri dalam pandanganku...

Media masa kini,
Tidak lagi seperti dulu,
Media masa kini,
Hanyalah tempat muntahan emosi...

Bagaimana boleh jadi begini?
Mudah sahaja,
Semuanya sudah tidak lagi suci.
Tiada lagi keikhlasan di hati mereka untuk menunjukkan realiti.
Adakah mereka takut dengan kebenaran?
Tidak sama sekali.
Mereka dikaburi duniawi.
Harta dan populariti menjadi topik yang paling diminati,
Bahasa dipersendakan sambil dicemari,
Propaganda tersebar mekar,
Umpama bunga-bunga liar yang merosakkan permandangan murni,
Pertengkaran diperbesarkan,
Sana sini caci dan maki,
Budaya & adat diperlekehkan,
Berdasarkan alasan bahawa tradisi tidak lagi selari,
Dengan dunia hari ini...

Mengarutlah semua ini,
Malas juga aku mahu peduli,
Masing-masing menjatuhkan diri sendiri,
Adakah sinar pada hari mendatang nanti?

Dua Kali Lima Itu Sepuluh Juga Ya?

Pelanduk dua serupa,
Kelihatan hampir sama,
Tetapi realitinya jauh berbeza...

Aku bukanlah dia,
Bukan juga ingin menjadi sepertinya,
Aku tetaplah aku tanpa perlu berpura-pura.

Cotton Candy

Feeling hungry?
Do try this...
Look at those lingering chubby clouds on that vast blue sky...
What would you REALLY see?
For me, I will definitely see a floating piece of a delicate cotton candy!
Sounds tempting,right?? *Drools*
Hands reaching high up,
A little bit more and surely I'll get it...
What? Oh wait...
How could that be??
Your eyesights are perfect,
You're not hypnotized,
This is definitely not a dream (Forget Nelly),
And you're wide awake too!
So, logically there's nothing wrong with you but...
Why does that image suddenly burst out of nowhere?
Kinda weird huh?


This is due to your mind is currently distracted by the hunger. Injected by a desperate dose of temptation, you'll fill your empty stomach with fascinating fantasies (In this case, images of food). Unknown to you, you're currently feeding your mind with delicately decent thoughts simply to get rid of your hunger. Whoa! This means that we can really save our lunch money if we put this into practice, right?? \(^o^)/


This is a mental trick played by your mind so that you'll forget about the feeling of hunger only for a short while. How strong is your imagination? Can it feed your mind? If you could, go ahead... Make me proud.

Monday, 3 October 2011

The Tone Of Truth

True to the tone, that's usually the case and absolutely the concern during a communication. Ever wondered when you try to say something casually, people sometimes react differently? Surely you have but do you realize it, consciously? Aha, the reason why the tone is important is because it is the indirect transmitter of truth! Yes, you can try to run away from the context of your conversation but you can't possible hide your true emotions or emotions regardlessly. Tone can be altered or even tempered with but the signals that it sends out will never change anyway or anyhow. 


Living The Good Good

Sometimes,people would be asking me "why did you do something good to people who you barely know?" 

Ahh,I know it's kinda random and quite unpredictable when I actually did something to help certain people during the most unexpected times...

But seriously,why not??

As I recall there's nothing to lose if you're helping people who are in need instead of taking advantages of them, right?

So,no issues there. Then the people will further investigate my motives. This is kind of annoying but truth be told,I simply have no reason to not do so. I mean,why must I need a reason to help someone? Is it not enough if I do it sincerely? Not that I would come forward to claim any reward or to receive some kind of award by doing so.

To me,I do good (helping people who are in need) only when I'm in the position of power to do so. Yes... When I am able to do good,surely I will do good! Whenever,wherever & to whoever possible insya-Allah.

Do you get the point?

What I'm trying to highlight here that some of us are blessed and we should be thankful to God. In addition, sometimes we receive something more than enough to get us through the day but please note that some of us might not be enjoying that kind of privileges... 

If you have something more & your needs are already fulfilled,would you share the extra blessings with other people?? 

Yeah,you definitely should because after all we're equals and everything belongs to God! Better put aside the differences and please stop being snobbish or selfish!

Last but not least,do ponder upon the words of Gandhi who once said, "The world is enough for everyone's need but it is not enough for someone's greed..."

Sunday, 2 October 2011

My Kind Of Kindness

Kindness is not & never will be a form of weakness.

Not to me,
Not to you,
Not to them,
Or anyone...

Cut the crap & kill them with kindness! Rawr.